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#336 - The Future of the Frankenbite

To Frankenbite or not to Frankenbite, that is the question.

The question we shall be exploring in today's issue of Cut/daily! And how, you guessed it, AI is in the future of the frankenbite.

Read on for 1 book, 3 tools and 7 audio editing tips from seasoned editors to help resurrect your frankenbites so they actually sound like they're really alive.

But what is a frankenbite?

A frankenbite, in my usage of the term, is an editorial technique of taking a few unrelated fragments of audio, usually from a longer interview or few lines of dialogue and reconstructing the composite parts to create a new(ish) sentence.

The purpose of which is to express the best of what the person meant (hopefully) in a more concise fashion or to change the tense of the word or fix something that they would (hopefully) be fine with.

I say hopefully here, because obviously frankenbiting could easily be used to make someone say something they never meant.

Which is obviously not a new problem, but one we'll also dive into, as today's AI revolution is drawing this issue to the surface once again.

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