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#124 - Title Sequences are Multi-Vitamins for Creative Minds

Title sequences.
Gems of creative insight,
Editors will love.

Hope you liked my opening Haiku there.

Today we're talking about title sequences and why they are a fantastic source of creative inspiration, technical instruction and joy.

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Why are title sequences like multi-vitamins for creative minds?

Because in just a minute or two they can inspire you with an array of fresh creative approaches and techniques to be stolen from.

If carefully dissected they can teach you a lot about the art and craft of:

and a lot more.

Title sequences are also hugely challenging to get right.

They need to capture and establish the tone and mood of the show, display all the legally necessary names and titles and work as repetitively viewed pieces.

But there are some astoundingly good title sequences to be enjoyed.

If there is one place to go when researching title sequences it is Art of The Title.

It has a huge archive of well over 1000 titles, plus 200+ in-depth interviews with title designers, editors and creators to boot.

Bookmark the site and come back to it next time you're stuck for what to do next.

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