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#082 - What to say when asked to work for less.

Usually, when I get hired as a freelance editor, the client or producer asks me what my day rate is, I tell them and then they say "OK."

Now, either:

  • I'm really underselling myself
  • my rates are about average to their expectations
  • or they don't care that much. (It's not their money)

For these reasons I try to ask other editors I know what they charge, or tell them what I charge a client if I'm passing work their way, so that we can hit some sort of parity.

Occasionally, a producer will say:

"Oh, we normally only pay our editors  __(much less)__
Can you do it for that?

But what do you say?

If you say; "No." will you lose the job? Will they think that you're difficult and pretentious? Are you cutting yourself off from new work and new clients?

What should you say to someone who wants you to work at a lower rate than you've said you're worth?

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