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#112 - Cut/daily Meets... Colorist Twain Richardson

I hope you enjoy this latest instalment of Cut/daily's micro interview series Cut/daily Meets... thanks to Artlist.io's sponsorship.

This is not the first time colorist Twain Richardson has featured in Cut/daily.

Back in #035 - Dealing with Imposter Syndrome, Twain has shared a tweet about his own struggle to feel like a real colorist when he couldn't craft the look he wanted. It was an encouraging display of vulnerability, and a move we could all do well to emulate.

Based in Kingston, Jamaica, Twain is a Colorist, Finishing Editor and owner of boutique post-house, Frame of Reference.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram and check out his personal site here.

What I loved about Twain's answers to these questions was how the thread of 'constant learning' ran through everything he had to say - and that's what Cut/daily is all about!

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