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#169 - Should you hand over your Project files?

You've never seen this trick?

The question of whether you should hand over your project files is a tricky one.

On the one hand, they represent most of the skill, creativity, decision making and hours/days/months of hard work that's gone into a project. They're also the key to further changes, versions and deliverables.

All (potentially) chargeable items.

On the other hand they might not really be yours to retain. Does the client get them as part of the contractual agreement? Do other departments need access to them to deliver what they need to?

Should we be far more trusting with who holds the NOC list?

This was the question Randall Tolliver asked in the Blue Collar Post Collective Facebook Group, one day in September.

In this issue of Cut/daily I wanted to draw on some of the best comments in this discussion to see if a clear and practical answer exists for both editors, colorists and other post-professionals.

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