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#180 - You're going to want to do this, right now.

Internet history I'm old enough to have been there for originally...

This week I had to edit on site in a client's (very nice) offices on a rented machine. As soon as I sat down and started clanging about on the keyboard I realised, far too late, that I needed my custom keyboard shortcuts.

I then spent far too much of the day manually adding back my custom keyboard shortcuts, one by one, each time I tried and failed to activate them at pace.

Back in my comfy home edit suite, I'm regularly updating my custom keyboard settings with a little change here, a little improvement there. Yet, I can't remember the last time I saved them to somewhere accessible.

So do yourself a favour, open your editing app and save them out, right now.

Your future self will thank you when you can get up and running on a new system in seconds.

Zip them up and email them to yourself, right now.

Or save them to Dropbox, throw them on a USB stick in your edit go-bag, whatever. You could even zip them and store them on Frame.io or whatever service you always have access to.

Just don't delay.

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