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#207 - Valuable Lessons from 100 Tips to Build a Career in Post

Building a creative career takes wisdom won through experience.

But how do you get that wisdom when you're just starting out?

Hopefully, you listen to those who have already done the hard yards, ahead of you.

Katie Hinsen once shared 100 career tips in 100 days on Twitter, and reflected on the experience in this article, where you can also read through all 100 tips!

Katie has worked for years as a senior finishing artist, among other senior post-roles, and is now the Director of Production Technology at Marvel Studios.

So, someone worth listening to!

In this issue of Cut/daily we'll take a look at 10 of these career boosting tips, which we can all learn from.

Lessons from 100 Career Tips

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One of the interesting reflections Katie shared on her experience of giving 100 tips in 100 days was that there is plenty of space for nuance, contradiction and complexity!

I realized that the diversity of advice I give reflects the spectrum of people and situations for which I offer that advice.

I was also reminded of my own journey. Even now I seek the wisdom of my mentors, and I take advice from a wide range of people to find the path that’s right for me.

— Katie Hinsen
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