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#221 - Why Accents Transform Trailers

Today we're going to be looking specifically at 'accents' in trailers. These are the 'cutaway' moments or single dramatic shots peppered between the building blocks of lines of dialogue or narrative moments within the trailer.

Less experienced trailer editors tend to cut lines of dialogue one after another with no accents, and as a result, the pace of the trailer can feel like it lacks energy.

For example, now that I've set the expectation in this video that my individual thoughts are going to be broken up by accents, if I just move onto the next thought without one it'll feel kind of monotonous.

— Derek Lieu, Trailer Editor

Whether you're cutting trailers or not, this technique can help you to better pace the thoughts and ideas you are sowing through your edit and ensure that the energy and momentum is maintained.

Derek defines accents (generally) as the interjection of either:

  • Quick shots
  • Sound effects
  • Short dialogue or verbal interjections
  • Music cue hits and transitions

As a quick aside one of my all-time favourite things I've learned in the past 211 issues of Cut/daily is this trick from Derek, which I use all the time.

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