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#234 - Extract Useful Data From Your Timeline

Not everyone loves a spreadsheet...

How do you turn your timeline into useful data?

How can you export a list of all the media used in the timeline?

Or just the music cues?

An upcoming issue will cover how to extract a list of music cues in each of the big four NLEs, but for now I wanted to share four useful resources that will take the humble EDL or XML file and turn it into valuable data.

What is an EDL?

If you're wondering what an EDL (Edit Decision List) is and some of the quirks of this (relatively) ancient technology then wrap your noodle around these 7 minutes from Colin Smith of VideoRevealed.

An EDL (Edit Decision List) has been an industry standard for forever.

The problem with them is they're really, really limited. They can only understand one track of video and four tracks of audio, and you're probably thinking, "I don't do anything with one track of video"...

— Colin Smith, VideoRevealed

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