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#259 - (HS) - The Popcorn Composite Edition

In this penultimate Holiday Schedule edition of Cut/daily, I hope you'll enjoy hunting for an Easter Egg that sharp-eyed readers will hopefully spot.

First one to do so, wins a prize!

Just hit Reply and let me know when you think you've found it.

That prize is.... um, a copy of my ebook How To Be a Freelance Creative!

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One Simple Tip - Compositing Breakdown

VFX Artist Stu Maschwitz tweeted this detailed thread breaking down the work that went into his decision to add some 3D steam to a hot bag of popcorn in this shot from the Primetime Emmy award winning, Mare of Easttown.

It's a great lesson in the problem solving journey a VFX shot can take you on, in order to arrive at some believable results.

Read it to learn a thing or two!

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