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#303 - The (Actual) Top Gun Maverick Edition

In this week's issue of Cut/daily we'll be hitting a trilogy of interviews with Top Gun Maverick Editor Eddie Hamilton.

  • The personal challenges of editing at the highest levels
  • The team effort it takes to edit a movie of this scale
  • How to make the audience enjoy eating their broccoli

Matt Feury tweeted this image breaking down Top Gun Maverick's final footage count, with well over 800 hours of dailies to manage.

A Herculean task!

Why three interviews with the same editor on the same film?

What's interesting about listening to three different interviews with the same editor about working on the same film is the divergence of the discussions based on the interests of the interviewer and the spontaneous responses from the subject.

It's almost like the uniqueness of the creative individuals involved, alters the outcome of the final product.

Huh, whodathought.

Either way, you'll learn a ton, so strap in!

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