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#101 - A few thoughts on Adobe buying Frame.io

Mazel tov!

Adobe just announced that they intend to acquire Frame.io for $1.275 billion in cash.

A few thoughts.

First of all I think it's pretty amazing that founders Emery Wells and John Travers have built a billion+ dollar business in only six years - and one that seems to be universally loved by everyone who uses it.

Congratulations to them, I hope lots of people at the company owned stock and made out like bandits - and not just the VCs who backed them (up to the end of 2019 to the tune of $81 million!).

Up till now Frame.io has managed to consistently operate as one of the coolest and most innovative companies out there, attracting a lot of top talent over the years - most recently tech prophet Michael Cioni - and I hope they don't lose that edge and culture as they move 'in-house' at Adobe.

Aside - Frame.io has a ton of open jobs right now for 'New York or Remote'.

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