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#198 - Are you ready for AI Driven Colour Grading?

There are an increasing number of 'AI branded' post-production tools becoming available and being touted as 'the future'. This interests me as I'd like to both be a part of that future, and do less heavy lifting.

It pays to know what the best available tools are and in today's issue of Cut/daily we'll look at an AI driven tool for editors and colorists, and not for the first time.

In fact, back in #041 - Five Ways Machine Learning is Already in Post-Production, I nerd-splained about the difference between ML and AI and explored five tools already using these techniques, while in #145 - Free Online Tools for Post Pros, I shared some other handy (and mostly) free tools leveraging ML too.

So far these products and services are being marketed as tools for colorists and editors, rather than to replace their skills or services, and in today's example real human people are still coming up with the creative looks, but for how much longer?

Either way, I, for one, welcome our AI overlords.

This issue of Cut/daily is free for you to read thanks to our sponsor Artgrid.io, who have all the footage you need of our robot servants before the uprising... this shot is my favourite.

flym.ai - AI driven Colour Grading

fylm.ai is a brand new in-browser colour grading tool equipped with a very rich feature set and powered by some smart 'AI' algorithms.

Our deep learning neural networks model, trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames creates a 3D LUT from any supplied image.

— fylm.ai

This ‘deep learning neural network’ allows you to do smart things such as:

  • replicate the look of any reference image and apply it to your footage
  • match the sensor characteristics of any two cameras to each other
  • re-create what a LUT is doing based on matching a before and after image.

This automatic shot matching capability will also allow you to ensure consistent grades across your project, as you match the look of your hero shot to all your other shots in a scene.

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