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#107 - How to See Your Whole Edit at Once

Not that kind of sheet...

Contact sheets.

These little beauties could be your new best friend.

In this issue of Cut/daily I wanted to explore a few reasons why you might want to incorporate using a contact sheet into your post production workflow, given the multitude of unique benefits they deliver.

Plus, you can download some amazing looking examples of contact sheets from Editor Vashi Nedomansky's blog in his Vashi Frames Archive.

“Vashi Frames” is my project of capturing every individual shot from my favorite films and compiling them into a single high-resolution image for cinematic analysis.

— Vashi Nedomansky, Editor

These include full feature films, TV shows, trailers, title sequences and more, most of which are available in a high resolution image to see each individual shot up close.

Contact Sheet for every shot in Traffic (2000) - Vashi Frames

This example from Traffic can be downloaded here in 5K.

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