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#106 - Editor Kirk Baxter breaks down a scene from Mank

It's not rocket science...

I chose this scene because I love the comedic timing of it all.
And how many things are taking place at the same time.

— Kirk Baxter, Editor

One of the best ways to understand why an editor made the choices they did, is to hear them talk through a scene telling you why they made the choices they did.

Ce n'est pas sorcier.

In this issue of Cut/daily I take a look at some insights that can be gleaned from editor Kirk Baxter's breakdown of a scene from Mank, which was cut on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Watch Mank for yourself on Netflix.

At one point in the video you get to see Kirk's timeline for the scene, which includes cool looking timecode displays for different tracks and parameters (Absolute or In to Out)

If you're not used to having this window open, as I was not, then you might not have known that it lives under Window > Timecode

You can configure it as you wish, including saving custom presets.

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