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#134 - Craft Lessons from Editor Crispin Struthers

Regardless of the scale, scope or complexity of a project, there are some universal experiences that all editors can relate to;

Every film I've worked on, there has been moments during cutting it where it just seems like nothing is working.

Everybody is just in despair -- "This movie is a mess."

— Crispin Struthers, Editor

In this issue of Cut/daily we'll get to spend a few valuable minutes learning from Crispin Struthers, a highly successful commercials editor whose feature editing credits include American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook - both of which he received Oscar nominations for.

What I love about editing is, there's always more to learn. Either from how someone else does it, or even just how they articulate what film editing is.

Every new perspective brings fresh insight.

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