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#128 - How Fincher's Post-Team Works Together

How does an Editor, First Assistant Editor and Assistant Editor work together on a 'big Hollywood' feature film?

That's what we're diving into in today's issue of Cut/daily thanks to the opportunity to spend an hour with director David Fincher's editorial team from Mank.

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In the beginning you're very focused on earning your place.

I'm not more complacent now. I still wake up each day, thinking "Oh my God this is the day everyone's going to discover I don't know what I'm doing."

So I do have a constant fear of keeping up and earning my position.

— Kirk Baxter, Editor

If you can relate to Kirk's sense of imposter syndrome then you're not alone.

Also back in #106 - Editor Kirk Baxter breaks down a scene from Mank, Kirk shared some great insights on how he approaches editing a scene, including Fincher's favourite thing to do; split-screens.

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