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#129 - Make Two Microphones Match (If you can!)

Today's issue of Cut/daily is brought to you by Artgrid.io, whose awesome stock footage library also includes hundreds of shots of people playing with dogs.

Cut to: Your Edit Suite.

You have two different lines of dialogue that are supposed to be one seamless delivery.

Maybe one is professionally recorded line of ADR, maybe one was recorded in the client's bathroom on their iPhone. On speaker phone. From three feet away.

Either way, you need to make them sound the same.

What you do?

OK so hopefully the situation isn't quite as dire as I've described but you get the idea.

In this issue of Cut/daily I'm going to share a really clever technique that could save you in a pinch for making two recordings from two different microphones match, as well as provide you with two alternative options to try.

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