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#050 - Messing with the Studio (logo)

The genesis of this, the 50th issue of Cut/daily, is this tweet from Industrial Light & Magic Visual Effects Artist Todd Vaziri.

And scrolling through the thread of responses, it got me thinking about what could be learned from all these logo variants.

From a storytelling perspective, how can you do this to bring the audience into the world of the film from the very first frames?

In what way does the visual aesthetic, the emotional tone and the sonic design of the film change that very standard few seconds into something unique?

It seems smart to arrest the audience's attention by disrupting what is overly familiar and in doing so, make them sit up and pay attention to what's about to happen.

And then I thought, I could make a supercut of all these logos, that might be kind of fun!

So I did.

So, for your viewing pleasure and artistic inspiration, here 26 different creative variations on the standard studio logo. (RT: 14 mins!)

One observation: The Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse logo actually contains a reference to a previous animated Paramount logo variant. #meta.

Take this Further

Spend a while in this treasure trove or maybe this one too.

Beforesandafters.com has a nice write up on what it actually took to create the Universal Waterworld logo variant.

So remember, mess with the logo and cut daily.