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#146 - Do you have the New ARRI LUT?

Did you know there is a new ARRI Rec. 709 LUT?

Neither did I!

But, maybe like me, that's because it isn't available by default in DaVinci Resolve.

One reason to care about this is to avoid any embarrassing situations where they're using a different LUT on set than you are in post and then the DP or Director says

"Hey, why does it look different?"

Yet, you're thinking "It shouldn't! I'm using the same default LUT as always..."

But you can fix this a couple of clicks, thanks to the good people at LowePost.com.

According to LowePost's article, the new ARRI LUT "gives a better representation of reality and features several improvements over the classic ARRI K1S1 LUT that most colorists are familiar with."

Furthermore "the old ARRI K1S1 LUT is now renamed to ALEXA Classic 709 and the new one is called ARRI 709 inside all ARRI cameras on the market."

Those cameras include the ARRI AMIRA, SXT, Mini, LG and MiniLF, where this new LUT is the default Rec.709 LUT.

Now, here's how to download and install the LUT.

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