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#147 - Want to learn to composite in Nuke?

When it comes to post-production software, Nuke definitely strikes me as one of the 'big-kid' toys.

AFAIK it's the go-to compositing tool for high-end visual effects work and has been a staple of the VFX industry for the past 25 years.

A permanent license with a 1 year maintenance plan for Nuke costs nearly £4,000, while the complete NukeStudio will set you back more than double that.

Yet, you can have it all for free.

With Nuke Non-commercial, you get access to free, non-watermarked versions of Nuke, NukeX and even top-of-the-line Nuke Studio for as long as you like, so you can learn, explore and have fun on your own schedule.

— The Foundry

In this issue of Cut/daily I'll share some free and affordable Nuke compositing training to help set you in the right direction as well as point you towards The Foundry's official training library and asset archive.

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