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Why is it called Cut/daily?

John Callahan

Welcome to Cut/daily - a micro-content email newsletter that aims to deliver a daily dose of editing wisdom straight to your inbox.

To me Cut/daily means three things.

First, think of it like one of those daily comic calendars that you enjoy for a moment, but don't take too seriously. A little spark of joy in your morning routine, where some days are more memorable than others.

Some you'll share with a friend, some you might even collect and keep, some days you'll just hope for something better tomorrow.

That's okay, it's only an email.

Second, the name Cut/daily is itself an editing axiom.

If you want to continuously improve your editing abilities and develop that gut instinct you'll increasingly come to rely on, you need to cut, daily.

It takes time, tenacity and a true passion for discovering the multi-layered talents that an editor possesses – and it takes commitment.

When your paid job is assistant editing, making the time to edit is challenging. Editing takes energy and a high level of concentration – you need to get lost in the scene and be in the zone.

But you must make time.

From six to nine in the morning, before anyone comes in, or from nine to midnight, after everyone has left.

You should be cutting every day.

— Lori Jane Colman ACE and Diana Friedberg, Jump Cut

So what can you expect from Cut/daily?

Each day will be different, but my aim will always be to offer you three things.

  1. Immediate value - learn new things, or affirm existing knowledge
  2. Extensibility - allowing you to dive deeper into the topic at hand
  3. Variety - fresh tips, tutorials, editing theory, craft insights and much more

Third, Cut/daily is also a reference to Jonah Hill's character's constant exhortation to "drink water" in the truly inspiring film, Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot.

Joaquin Phoenix and Jonah Hill both deliver superb performances in the biopic of comic artist John Callahan's triumph over alcohol addiction and the constraints of his challenging new life, after a car accident leaves him almost completely paralysed.

The resounding message being that whatever life throws at you, there's always a way forward - and even with joy.

Watch it on all good streaming sites.

And remember, Cut/daily.