What is Cut/daily?
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What is Cut/daily?

What is Cut/daily?

Cut/daily is a new subscription email for post-production professionals who want a jolt of post-production related interestingness delivered to their inbox five days a week.

Each issue of Cut/daily will deliver a single piece of laser focused micro-content for you to quickly enjoy each day, designed to inform, inspire and entertain.

What kind of stuff will I get from Cut/daily?

Every day will be different, some days might be 'better' (for you) than others, but there'll always be something new tomorrow...

  • How to find the RGB value of anything you can see on a Mac or PC
  • Download a free app that gives you back gigabytes of your hard drive
  • Learn useful tricks from a VFX artist sweating over 4 missing frames
  • Discover Sicario, Arrival and Dune editor Joe Walker's "Hat Trick"
  • Unlock FCPX so you can edit like it's Final Cut Pro 8
  • Control creative looks in DaVinci Resolve using node opacity techniques

And this is only scratching the surface of what's to come.

In time, I hope to offer my subscribers exclusive discounts, sneak peaks into up-coming content on other sites, branded giveaways and much more...

Sounds good, how much does Cut/daily cost?

For just $5 a month you'll get a daily email every Monday-Friday.

Your monthly subscription will also include access to the ever-growing archive of every single issue of Cut/daily, so you can quickly find that nugget of interestingness again when you need to, or catch up on anything you've missed.

A simple rolling monthly subscription means you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Subscribe to Cut/daily today!

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