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Cut/daily Launches Soon - Sign Up for FREE Today!

Hello, I'm launching a new daily subscription email for Post-Production Pros and I'm really hoping you'll be a part of it!

You had me at hello, what do I need to do?

Pre-launch: Sign up for the free subscription. Anticipate the launch!

Launch: Enjoy the first two weeks of Cut/daily for free then upgrade to Monthly to continue enjoying Cut/daily at it's finest.

Post-Launch: Sign up for either the free or monthly subscriptions, as detailed below.

Cut/daily Free vs Monthly Subscription

Free - 1/5 issues of Cut/daily a week plus access to any and all free content in the future.

Monthly - 5/5 issues of Cut/daily a week PLUS the entire archive of Cut/daily as it unfolds PLUS the option to receive a weekly digest if you prefer.

When is this baby gonna launch?

Very soon!

I'm just getting all my ducks in a row and finalising the first month or so of content, by signing up for the free subscription now you won't miss anything!