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Cut/daily is pivoting for a while...

TLDR: Cut/daily is pivoting to single weekly issue (for a while.)

First off, I want to personally thank you for following your curiosity in becoming a Cut/daily member!

I have appreciated all of the feedback, encouragement and responses from everyone along the way and I have also really enjoyed the journey and the huge amount I have learned.

Metrics to Kill

When I originally started Cut/daily I thought it wise to set a kill metric.

This is something you set at the start of any project, whereby if you don’t or can’t meet it, you kill the project. This should help you avoid falling foul of the sunk cost fallacy and becoming too attached to your darlings.

I blew past that deadline along time ago - always hoping I would find the right levers of success to make Cut/daily a more self-sustaining proposition, so that I could devote more of my 'core-time' to it, rather than fitting it in around the edges of my other work.

Or because I was having too much fun, learning new things.


Over the past nearly 300 issues I have put in a ton of work, more work than I ever imagined, and at times have come to rue the day I ever started a daily email.

It’s quite the hamster wheel.

Some weeks that has stretched my capacity - for work and family - too thin. And with the imminent arrival of our third child (mazel tov!), there will be even less capacity to stretch.


I’m taking the bull by the horns and making some changes around here.

This will allow me to keep Cut/daily going but in a way that is realistic about the season I’m entering into.

Which will hopefully lead to positive results for everyone.

What's happening next?

From issue #300, Cut/daily will be pivoting to a single free weekly email, for a season.

So this isn't goodbye at all!

You'll still get a weekly dose of Cut/daily - and I'll be experimenting with exactly what that looks like, as we go.

My hope is, at some point in the future, Cut/daily will return to its usual schedule.

What about my subscription?

All paying subscription have been paused indefinitely you won’t need to do anything.

You'll also continue to get a daily issue of Cut/daily in your inbox, until we hit issue #300.

If/as/when Cut/daily resumes in its usual format I will get back in touch with all of my wonderful monthly members, well in advance of restarting any membership payments, to allow you plenty of time to decide what you'd like to do.

Rest assured, you’ll still have compete access to every previous Issue in the archive and all the member benefits too.

So remember, pivot and Cut daily.