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Cut/daily - Free vs Paid

Cut/daily - Free vs Paid

Cut/daily started life as daily email with a low-cost monthly subscription for just $5. (Who would do such a crazy thing!) After issue #300, Cut/daily pivoted to a weekly cadence with a free membership.

So sign up for free today to get a weekly jolt of Post Production Interestingness delivered to your inbox every Friday!

Once you start to enjoy Cut/daily and thirst for complete access to the entire archive of all 350+ previous issues, then for a one-time price of just $49, you can be satisfied!

Paid Membership Benefits:

  • A weekly dose of Post-Production Interestingness, every Friday
  • Instant access to the entire archive of every single previous issue of Cut/daily
  • Access to Member Benefits such as discount codes and referral rewards

What kind of things does Cut/daily cover?

Every week will be different, some weeks might be 'better' (for you) than others, but there'll always be something new next week...

See for yourself; these previous issues of Cut/daily are available to read in their entirety, without signing up:

FYI - It is worth checking with your accountant but your subscription to Cut/daily could well be a tax deductible business expense, depending on the tax laws in your country... here's some info for the UK and the USA, for example.

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