Cut/daily - Free vs Paid
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Cut/daily - Free vs Paid

Cut/daily - Free vs Paid

A subscription to Cut/daily is yours for the incredibly small investment of just $5 a month and you can sign up right now in just a few clicks.

It's a simple subscription, rolling from month to month so you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Paid Membership Benefits:

  • A daily dose of Post-Production Interestingness, every Monday to Friday (48 weeks/year)
  • Instant access to the entire archive of every single previous issue of Cut/daily
  • Access to Member Benefits such as discount codes and referral rewards
  • Option to receive a weekly digest email instead
  • Deepen your knowledge of post-production every day!

What kind of things does Cut/daily cover?

Every day will be different, some days might be 'better' (for you) than others, but there'll always be something new tomorrow...

See for yourself; these previous issues of Cut/daily are available to read in their entirety, without signing up:

FYI - It is worth checking with your accountant but your subscription to Cut/daily could well be a tax deductible business expense, depending on the tax laws in your country... here's some info for the UK and the USA, for example.

Cut/daily Free Membership

You can also sign up to the Free membership plan if you're not quite ready to commit those $5 just yet.

Each week I'll share one of the best instalments of Cut/daily with you, so you can see what you're missing plus you'll have access to every previous free issue of Cut/daily too.

Come on, join us!

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