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#091 - Using an iPad as a Dedicated Scope Monitor

When it comes to almost any post-production task, having more screen space to work in is always an advantage.

Being able to add a cheap second monitor is a good solution for any desktop set up, but what do you do when you're on a laptop, or some other mobile set up and still need even more screen space?

One easy answer is to finally put that iPad you bought "for work" to good use and avoid it becoming yet another piece of e-waste.

And, thanks to the new(ish) sidecar feature in Mac OS X Catalina, or an affordable app for Windows/Android (and Mac) friends called DuetDisplay, you can do all this wirelessly.

It's also worth noting that you can use sidecar to put a virtual 'Touch Bar' on your iPad, even if your Mac laptop doesn't physically have one.

Because the Touch Bar is so.... useful?

Anyway, in this issue of Cut/daily we'll look at how to set this up to give you a dedicated scopes monitor in DaVinci Resolve and how you can do so affordably.

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