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#246 - How to Become an Assistant Colorist

How do you actually start a career in colour grading?

In this issue of Cut/daily I'll share some valuable resources to help you find your own path into the industry, including some helpful hints on an Assistant Colorist's work responsibilities and essential personality traits.

Unfortunately, as we saw in #203 - Post In Black, the majority of colorists working today are predominantly white and male.

So, if you're not in either of those two camps, my suggestion would be to double-down on proactively seeking out mentorship connections.

If you're stuck for anyone to connect with, two suggestions would be Katie Hinsen and Twain Richardson, both of whom have been gracious enough to share their wisdom in Cut/daily Meets...

Here's Katie's answer to the usual final question:

And your parting piece of advice?

Never underestimate how willing people in this industry are to offer their time and wisdom.

Just make sure you approach them with respect, humility, and having done your homework.

Most professionals are excited about their craft, and love the opportunity to share.

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