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#292 - Cut/daily Meets... Post Veteran Eric Sauer

It's hard to introduce someone with an eclectic a Post Production career as Eric Sauer.

Eric has worked in a variety of Post Production roles including:

  • Film Scoring Technician
  • Sound Dubbing Machine Room Operator
  • Sound Transfer
  • Laydown Layback
  • Digital Cinema
  • Conference Room Design Engineer

Today, he's the co-founder and VP of Business Development for AutoDCP, an online DCP creation service that costs just $5/min.

You upload your master file << they do the work >> you download a DCP.

You can read all about how AutoDCP works and other ways to make a Digital Cinema Package yourself, here.

As more and more of us are working from home, more consistently, my favourite take away from Eric's interview is his habit of 'leaving for work' each day - via a local coffee shop - even though he's going straight back to his home office/lab!

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