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#031 - Stay Fresh to Your Edit

As the editor you are both the first audience and the proxy for everyone else's first experience of the edit, even though, by then, you will have likely seen the edit 'too many times.'

So how do you stay fresh to your edit?

Here are four ways you can try.

No longer an audience of one

The absolute best way is to just pull someone else in to your edit suite to watch it with you.

What really changes the way you look at your film is when people are invited to come and sit in and then it becomes a chemical thing.

Some of the things you thought were working or that people would understand, don’t work. You can just feel it in the room...

These things you only really know in your bones when you’re sitting there in the dark with an audience, no matter how small.

— Joe Walker, Editor

Just as editor Joe Walker describes, even if the person watching with you says absolutely nothing at all, you will see your project in a whole new light.

Everything that is and isn't working will jump right off the screen at you.

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